How To Pay Your Transcription Invoice Using A Credit Or Debit Card

Pay your transcription invoice

There are a few ways you can pay your transcription invoice from Academic Transcription Services. A while ago IPay your transcription invoice started to accept credit and debit card payments from you, my clients. In the first half of 2014, credit and debit card payments accounted for over 50% of our transactions (an impressive growth from 16% last year). And my clients have appreciated the convenience of being able to pay their transcription invoice with all major credit and debit cards.

Before I started this credit card processing journey, I can’t describe it as anything but, I did my research. I realized that there were very few options that worked for a small online business (this is a great article on the complexities of credit card processing – also known as merchant services) .

So, I decided to use PayPal as my credit and debit card processing gateway. Mainly because PayPal is a well known and trusted third party processor, it’s so damn easy, fast (I get paid within minutes – keep in mind that with all credit card payments someone is borrowing money from someone else, how can a loan be processed that fast? ), and I don’t have to collect credit card information from my clients – which would require a plethora of security measures to keep that data safe.

Here’s the catch, accepting credit and debit card payments via PayPal comes with a hefty fee – around 5.5% for my online transcription service business. And the process is rather daunting for first time users. So here is a short step by step video, where I walk you through the whole process, on how to pay your transcription invoice using a credit or debit card.

Simple Step by Step Guide on How to Pay Your Transcription Invoice

And here’s the transcript.

Hey, today I am going to show you how to print and pay your transcription invoice from Academic Transcription Services using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Credit Card.

You will receive an invoice for the transcription services in your email account. The subject will be “You’ve received an invoice (#) from Academic Transcription Services.”

Open the email to view your invoice. Here is how the invoice will look like. At the top left hand corner you’ll see our logo. The invoice will also include the total invoice amount and a short note from me.

To pay the invoice, simply click the view and pay invoice link right here.

This will redirect you to the PayPal website and load a long form version of the invoice that includes my billing address and phone number. You can print the invoice by clicking the print button at the bottom of the invoice.

Pay the invoice by clicking this pay invoice button at the bottom or at the top. PayPal immediately redirects you to the pay options page.

To pay with your Credit Card, click on the Pay with debit or credit card button at the bottom. You will be redirected to a form that enables you to enter your credit or debit card details, address and phone number. When done click on the review and continue button at the bottom.

This takes you to the final checkout page. Simply click Pay Now to complete the transaction.

That’s how easy it is for you to pay your research transcription invoice using a credit card. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Have a wonderful day.

Finally, if you have any questions, suggestions or opinions please leave a comment.

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academic transcription services
academic transcription services
8 years ago

Very nice information you provided for paying through debit and credit card to transcription invoice. Thanks for the informative post.