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  • Sony ICD-UX570 vs Zoom H1n

    Sony ICD-UX570 vs Zoom H1n

    In this post I am going to compare the Sony ICD-UX570 to the Zoom H1n. If you are reader of our blog, you know I don’t like making these comparisons. And that’s mainly because voice recorders are not interchangeable. The best voice recorder for you will depend on your intended use. And that will be […]

  • Zoom H1n vs Tascam DR-05x

    Zoom H1n vs Tascam DR-05x

    In the last 18 months Zoom and Tascam have released new versions of their popular Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-05 digital recorders. The Zoom H1n was released in early 2018, and the Tascam DR-05x became available in early 2019. In this post we are going to compare the Zoom H1n to the Tascam DR-05x. Now, […]

  • CM-1000 Boundary Microphone Review

    CM-1000 Boundary Microphone Review

    CM-1000 Boundary Microphone Review The Good Cheapest daisy chain boundary microphone you can buy. Good quality audio recording. The Bad Poor build quality; “Made in China” design and usability. Very sensitive microphone. Bottom Line If you can’t afford the Olympus ME-33 boundary microphones, the CM-1000s are a cheaper alternative that will enable you to record […]

  • Sony ICD-ux560 Accessories

    Sony ICD-ux560 Accessories

    USB PC/Charging Cable As I outlined in this post on how to take care of your Sony ICD-ux560, I consider this cable a must have accessory. It’s possible to charge and connect your Sony recorder to your PC/Mac without a cable, but the built in USB is the weakest part on this recorder. And if […]

  • Sony ICD-BX140 Review

    Sony ICD-BX140 Review

    This review of the Sony ICD-BX140 is going to be slightly different from my normal product reviews. Let me explain why. I’ve penned a great review of the Sony ICD-PX240, and The BX140 is very similar to the PX240. In fact it’s the same recorder! Same build, same features. Yes, it does have a different […]

  • How to Monitor the Sound Quality of your Interview

    How to Monitor the Sound Quality of your Interview

    Monitoring your research interviews recording enables you to take the quality of your research interviews audio recording from meh to excellent. The Sony ICD-ux560 offers you two ways to monitor the sound quality of your research interviews; dB meters and the line out headphone jack. In this post I’m going to show you how to […]

  • Tascam DR-05x Review

    Tascam DR-05x Review

    When the Tascam DR-05x was released, earlier this year, I was really excited. The older Tascam DR-05 was one of the first digital voice recorders I bought, but it had a few issues and I got rid of it. My hope was that Tascam had resolved those issues. TLDR: they fixed a few issues, but […]