Sony ICD-BX140 Review

This review of the Sony ICD-BX140 is going to be slightly different from my normal product reviews. Let me explain why. I’ve penned a great review of the Sony ICD-PX240, and The BX140 is very similar to the PX240. In fact it’s the same recorder! Same build, same features. Yes, it does have a different color and one (1) other feature that differentiates the Sony ICD-BX140 from the Sony ICD-PX240: the BX140 does not have a USB slot!

Sony ICD-BX140, Sony ICD-PX240 voice recorders
From Top: Sony ICD-BX140, Sony ICD-PX240 voice recorders

So, if you get the Sony ICD-BX140 there is not easy way for you to transfer your recordings to your computer. WTF Sony! But actually, what Sony is doing is called price differentiation. They have made a product – in this case a voice recorder, and would like to make more money from it. Thus, they have taken the voice recorder and created two product that are exactly the same, expect that they’ve added one key feature (USB port) to one of the products; the Sony ICD-PX240. 

Now, it probably costs Sony next to nothing to add a USB port, and make it easier for you to connect it to your computer, to the Sony ICD-BX140. But, there’s a steep price difference between the Sony ICD-BX140 and the Sony ICD-PX240 (about $11). So, if you want the convenience of easy transfer of your recording to your computer- buy the Sony ICD-PX240. If you’ll never need to transfer your recording to your computer, save a few bucks and buy the Sony ICD-PX240.

What the Sony ICD-BX140 lacks

I’ve already pointed out that the Sony ICD-BX140 does not come with a USB port. It also does not come bundled up with other accessories. In the package, you get the Sony ICD-BX140 and a pair of alkaline batteries. That’s it. I wish they’d thrown in the pouch and earbuds that you get with the Sony ICD-PX240.

Other than that, the Sony ICD-BX140 has the same shortcomings as the Sony ICD-PX240, which I go into details in my review of the Sony ICD-PX240. In summary; you can only record mp3 files. Poor microphone sensitivity settings and poor internal circuits – lead to a lot of white noise, especially if you are recording using the high sensitivity microphone setting. And finally, the confusing menu.

What I like about the Sony ICD-BX140

Like the PX240, this recorder has an overwrite function – which makes it great for dictations. And the mic input outputs plug in power – so you can use a clip on mic. You can also monitor your recording via the headphone jack, and it has 4GB internal memory. Again, check out the PX240 review for more information on these features.

Would I recommend the Sony ICD-BX140

Sony ICD-BX140 Review

If you are looking for a dictation recorder and don’t plan to share or transfer your recording, then yes. But you should really consider paying the extra $10 and buying the PX240 – the USB port is very useful.  For any other use, I wouldn’t recommend the BX140. Buy it now from Amazon.

Bonus: if you own the Sony ICD-BX140 and are looking for a way to transfer your files from the recorder to your computer, here’s a how to video.

How to Transfer your Files from the Sony BX-140 to your computer


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