Lecture Transcription

We define lecture transcription as the transcription of lectures, seminars or presentations delivered by professors, researcher, lecturers, teachers et. al. in classrooms and lecture halls of universities and colleges. Studies have shown that written transcripts and oral lectures are equally effective as forms of information transmission when retention is measured by objective examinations. However transcripts are about 70% more efficient than lectures.  (Jernstedt & Northcraft, 1975).

Lecture Transcription Services

A lecture-transcript format affords flexibility and increases lecture comprehension. Few people realize how fast memory fades. Studies on memory have shown that, without review, 47% of what a person has just learned is forgotten in the first twenty minutes and 62% is forgotten after the first day (University of Texas at Austin). A transcript of the lecture greatly aids in the review of the material covered during the lecture.

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Recorded lectures are be more widely and effectively disseminated when they are accompanied by a lecture transcript. Students and educators  who are on a tight schedule can skim through the coverage and read only important information from the lecture. Lecture transcription increases accessibility of the lecture materials for students with disabilities. The written text is also an effective studying and teaching methodology for students and professors. Students need not worry about what are missing out in class.

Lecture Transcription Format

Our standard format for lecture transcription uses and intelligent verbatim style. In addition it has headings and subheadings for easier access to lecture content.  However, we find that more and more clients want additional information included. For instance, [applause], [showing a slide of a monkey], [juggles a ball], [laughter]: a transcript that mimics the presentation act of lecturing, and we can accomplish that for you.


At Weloty, we are more than happy to oblige our clients and aim to offer a personalized service that matches your needs. Our lecture and seminar transcription services are at amazing rates with rapid turnaround. Our overnight turnaround has become popular with academics looking for high quality transcripts at reasonable prices.  Get in touch with us for a no-obligation free trial run so that you get an idea about the quality of our lecture transcription services.


G. B. Northcraft and G. C. Jernstedt. (1975).  Comparison of four teaching methodologies for large lecture classes. Psychological reports: Volume 36, pp. 599-606.