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  • Sony ICD-PX240 Review

    Sony ICD-PX240 Review

    So, I was looking for a recorder for dictation purposes; this year I do plan to dictate a lot of posts. I bought a few voice recorders that are built for dictation. And I have to say, so far, the Sony ICD-px240 has been my favorite dictation recorder. Now, this recorder is not built to record interviews, meetings, focus group discussions etc. I’d not recommend it for those instances, and I’ll get to the reasons why in this post, but I’d definitely recommend this recorder if you’re looking to record your dictations.

  • The 64GB SDHC Memory Card

    The 64GB SDHC Memory Card

    Yes, a 64GB SDHC Memory Card. SD standards limit the size of a SDHC card to 32GB. And you’ll never find a manufacturer that’ll make 64GB SDHC card. YES, all those 64GB Samsung SDHC cards are fake! But, in this post, I’ll show you I magically turned my Samsung EVO Select 64GB SDXC memory card into a Samsung EVO Select 64GB SDHC memory card. Why? A couple of reasons really. If you’ve read my review of the Zoom Hn1 recorder,

  • Telephone Microphones: Olympus TP8 vs Sony EMC-TL3

    Telephone Microphones: Olympus TP8 vs Sony EMC-TL3

    Let’s compare the Olympus TP8 versus the Sony EMC-TL3 telephone microphones. Telephone microphones are a microphone encased in a open/hollow earbud capsule. To use them, you simply plug the 3.5mm mic jack into a voice recorder, insert the

  • Best encrypted voice recorder

    Best encrypted voice recorder

    “…only query I have is, is it possible to password protect the recorder?” Being easily portable and valuable, voice recorders are easily lost or stolen. If you are recording sensitive information, for instance patient health

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Cloud Storage for Researchers

    HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Cloud Storage for Researchers

    Is there a HIPAA/HITECH compliant cloud audio storage secure to store clinical research interviews? Can you provide a list of cloud services?

    What is HIPAA/HITECH?  HIPAA/HITECH refers to two laws: HIPAA is the acronym for

  • Best Sony Voice Recorder

    Best Sony Voice Recorder

    Truth be told, I’ve never been a fan of Sony. I’ve always thought their build quality was “so so” – owned a Sony Walkman that gobbled up my MJ tape, I was not happy. However, I now own a few Sony voice recorders and I’m impressed. Because I had such low expectations?

  • Best Olympus Voice Recorder

    Best Olympus Voice Recorder

    The Olympus brand is synonymous with voice recorders, since they introduced the Zuiko Pearlcoder – the world’s first microcassette tape recorder, in 1969. And in 1997 announced the D1000, their first digital voice recorder. My first voice recorder was an Olympus microcassette tape recorder that took me through college. Since then I’ve been a loyal fan, and the Olympus voice recorders have been

  • Best Microphone for Voice Recorder

    Best Microphone for Voice Recorder

    Normally, voice recorders are good enough for recording interviews, focus group discussions, and meetings. Their modern internal in-built microphones have progressively become better – and at par with most external microphones. However,

  • Best microSD Card for your Voice Recorder

    Best microSD Card for your Voice Recorder

    What are the 3 things that you need to consider before you buy a microSD card for your voice recorder? Capacity The most important consideration

  • Sony ICD-ux560 vs Sony ICD-PX470

    Sony ICD-ux560 vs Sony ICD-PX470

    “I’m looking to buy a recorder for my classes for ease and I was wondering what would be the big difference between the Sony ICD-ux560 and Sony ICD-PX470. I noticed the PX470 was cheaper and it was an amazon choice.” Ji. Ji’s questions