Sony ICD-ux560 Carrying Case

If you’ve read our blog (or skimmed through it), you’ll have realized that the Sony ICD-ux560 is my go-to voice recorder. It’s compact, easy to use, and records great sound. Now, I’ve found the best clip on microphones, MicroSD cards, and USB cable for my ux560. But, I’ve yet to find a good carrying case for the ux560: until now.

When I bought my ux560, I did realize it was important to protect it using a carrying case. So I go the AGPTEK carrying case that Amazon recommends.

AGPTEK Carrying Case
The AGPTEK case is too big for the Sony ICD-ux560

What a disappointment. The AGPTEK case is too big!

When you place the recorder inside the AGPTEK case, it flops around. It’s not a tight fit and does not hold the ux560 in place. My workaround was to stuff the case with my clip-on microphones, splitter cable, and USB cable. But all my ux560 accessories to don’t fit into this case. When I realized this I did request for a carrying case recommendation on my ux560 review. Never got one.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a number of carrying cases. I knew most of the carrying cases were not going to be a good fit, but luckily I found one that is perfect for the ux560.

Tested Carrying Cases
All the cases I tested

Hootek Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case

Hootek Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Case
Hooket carrying case: best carrying case for the Sony ICD-ux560

The Hooket Carrying Case (Amazon Link) is the best carrying case for the Sony ICD-ux560.

The Sony ICD-ux560 fits snugly in to this Hootek case. It fits into my trouser pocket.

It’s a hard case, so it will protect your recorder from falls, bumps etc.

The interior has a soft cloth, so it doesn’t scratch your Sony recorder, and has 2 mesh pockets. I use one pocket for the recorder and the other for carrying my USB cable (the one must have accessory for the Sony).

My only misgiving is that it comes with a carabiner clip, I’d rather have a strap so that I can easily carry it in my hand. But you can use the carabiner as a belt clip.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short post. And as always, keep us in mind for all of your academic transcription needs.


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