Best encrypted voice recorder

Best Encrypted Voice Recorder

“…only query I have is, is it possible to password protect the recorder?”

Being easily portable and valuable, voice recorders are easily lost or stolen. If you are recording sensitive information, for instance patient health Continue reading…

Recording Qualitative Interviews: Mobile Phone or Dedicated Voice Recorder?

Recording Qualitative Interviews: Mobile Phone or Dedicated Voice Recorder?

Obviously a dedicated voice recorder. That’s been my default answer. But I recently got this comment from a reader of this blog:  “Have recently finished about 20 qualitative interviews and used a ‘Voice Recorder’ app downloaded to my phone. Everything was crisp clear except for one interview in a ‘quiet’ restaurant that later became noisy – so yes I agree with you about location.”
And so I set out test a few recording apps on Continue reading…

Best Sony Voice Recorder

Best Small Sony Voice Recorder : TX800

Truth be told, I’ve never been a fan of Sony. I’ve always thought their build quality was “so so” – owned a Sony Walkman that gobbled up my MJ tape, I was not happy. However, I now own a few Sony voice recorders and I’m impressed.

Because I had such low expectations? Continue reading…

Best Olympus Voice Recorder

Best Olympus Voice Recorder

The Olympus brand is synonymous with voice recorders, since they introduced the Zuiko Pearlcoder – the world’s first microcassette tape recorder, in 1969. And in 1997 announced
the D1000, their first digital voice recorder.

My first voice recorder was an Olympus microcassette tape recorder that took me through college. Since then I’ve been a loyal fan, and the Olympus voice recorders have been Continue reading…

Best Microphone for Voice Recorder

Best microphone for recorder

Normally, voice recorders are good enough for recording interviews, focus group discussions, and meetings. Their modern internal in-built microphones have progressively become better – and at par with most external microphones. However, Continue reading…

Best Digital Voice Recorder for Dictation

Best Digital Voice Recorder for Dictation

When you think about dictation equipment, the first thing that pops in your head is probably digital voice recorders. So what is the best digital voice recorder for dictation?
Well, the answer is that there’s no simple answer. The best recorder for dictation will depend on your specific needs and situation. And when you’re purchasing a voice recorder for dictation, the most important question to ask is:

How do you plan to use the recorder?

Are you planning to use a voice recorder to dictate short personal voice notes or memos? Continue reading…

Sony ICD-ux560 vs Sony ICD-PX470

Sony ICD-ux560 vs Sony ICD-PX470

“I’m looking to buy a recorder for my classes for ease and I was wondering what would be the big difference between the Sony ICD-ux560 and Sony ICD-PX470. I noticed the PX470 was cheaper and it was an amazon choice.” Ji.

Ji’s questions Continue reading…